Make up tips for brighter eyes

Make up tips for brighter eyes

Make up tips for brighter eyes
Make up tips for brighter eyes

Imagine you didn’t sleep well during the night and have to wake up early the next day. You’re not in the best of moods and on top of that your eyes look half asleep with under eye circles could it get any worse. You feel like a zombie and your face resembles it too ^.^

Most of us have experienced a day like this including myself. So here are a few tips to awaken those tired eyes and make them look brighter. First of all before we get started here’s a list of the items/materials you will need.

① Eyedrops (optional)
② White shimmery/pearly eyeshadow

③ Eyelash curler

❤ Step 1 ⇒ Apply eyedrops if you feel it’s necessary. Eyedrops help minimize small swollen blood vessels in the eyes, making them look clearer. I myself have used eyedrops a few times for this reason and they have truly helped. These ones in the picture I got on one of my trips to Mexico, they are actually really good, but I haven’t been able to find them here since it’s a Mexican brand.

❤ Step 2 ⇒ Apply shimmery/pearly eyeshadow to inner eye corner. This will give your eyes a subtle glow that will make them look more open and awake.

❤ Step 3 ⇒ This is something I like doing as an alternative to using an under eye concealer which can look too heavy. Apply the same shimmery eyeshadow to under eye circles. You might want to do it very little just enough to conceal those under eye circles and add a shimmery light to your eyes.

❤ Step 4 ⇒ Curl your eyelashes this will automatically make your eyes look awake and wide open.

❤ Step 5 ⇒ Add one or two coats of black mascara to your eyelashes. If you want a more natural look apply a clear mascara.

Now you are ready to go out, wether it’s to school, work, hang out or just to run some errands. You may still feel a bit sleepy but your eyes now look wide awake and you are ready to face the world with confidence. I hope these tips were of some help for all the girls out there looking for a quick solution for tired looking eyes.

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